Naruto: Harbinger of Revolution is a fanfiction that is being created at this very moment by Zettai Kyokai. The concepts for the story have been being thought out and polished for roughly a year. The number of influences on the story are too numerous to list.

The primary influences include(but aren't limited to):

Yu Yu Hakusho(Anime),

Devil May Cry(Video Game),

Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy(Novel/Epic Poem),

Hellraiser(Horror Movie),


Spirited Away(Action/Adventure Movie),

Personal Experiences

This fanfiction is intended to be different from 'Naruto: The Interdimensional Traveler' as not only has this story been more thought out, but it will put a heavy focus on the characters themselves instead of only action/adventure. It is going to feature a pairing: NarutoxFem!Kyuubi which is quite a scarce pairing and considering the goal of Zettai Kyokai is to contribute to neglected pairings and story types, Naruto: Harbinger of Revolution probably(most definitely) will not be the last of his stories to feature the pairing. This story will also be the first of his stories to feature original characters, the extent to which they will affect the plot remains to be seen.

Naruto: Harbinger of Revolution currently has no estimated release date but is expected to be split into an undetermined amount of story arcs. *EoE*

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